Impact factors for macroeconomics journals in 2012

This post is dedicated to a rather different topic than what has been discussed until now. It deals with scholarly publishing in the field of academic macroeconomics.

I show below the latest impact factors for macroeconomic journals.

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics: 3.191

This quite new journal run by the American Economic Association displayed a very good performance in terms of metrics like impact factors. Its IF will probably tend to decline in time. The main reason is that such journals tend to receive articles by top scholars when they start.
Journal of Monetary Economics: 1.649

Still considered by many as the top journal in macroeconomics. There are a lot of complains lately about its veery slow responses.
Review of Economic Dynamics: 1.602

Journal of Money Credit and Banking: 1.104

Journal of Economics Dynamics & Control: 0.807

These three journal are usually considered as part of the same group of the so-called “second tier” journals in macroeconomics, although their impact factors vary.

Journal of Macroeconomics: 0.60

Macroeconomic Dynamics: 0.42

BE Journal of Macroeconomics: 0.25

These last journals are also usually coupled together as the third (or bottom) tier in macroeconomics. There is some debate whether Macroeconomic Dynamics is a 2nd or 3rd tier. However, its performance in terms of metrics is rather dissappointing lately.

There are, of course, a lot of debates regarding the relevance of impact factors, especially for economics.  I myself tend to favor metrics like Eigenfactor or Article Influence Score, see here, but this might be the topic of a future post on scholarly publishing.



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