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If you want writing an article for you, if you want content or guest posts done for you or if you need consulting on macroeconomics, I can really help!

These are my services:

1. Article writing

You may be interested in a small piece of article on a certain macroeconomic issue, or even a larger well researched paper. I have over 5 years of experience in research after getting my PhD. I wrote many research article and my blog here is a testimony for the quality of the work I do.

2. Content and Blog Writing

There is rapid expansion of macroeconomic content all over the internet. But you would only be interested in quality work. It is only through high quality that your content can be differentiated from other content on the internet.

3. Consulting in macroeconomics

As a researcher in macroeconomics, I am familiar with both modern approaches and current (popular) debates in macroeconomics. I can offer consulting on different issues related to business cycles, macroeconomic policies, forecasting, and so on.

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